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Self-titled – 5 Seconds of Summer

by Angela Low


Title: Self-titled 
Artiste: 5 Seconds of Summer
Price: US$11.99
No. of tracks: 16 tracks
Rating: 4/5
Available now on iTunes and Spotify

You would think a band that borrows beats and chords from those of yesteryears would run the risk of being forgettable or undistinguishable, but this Australian four-piece group, 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS), is doing well so far. Their induction to the mainstream industry came in the form of debut album She Looks So Perfect, containing 12 tracks of everything a teenager would relate to, like experiencing infatuation under 18. And despite sounding predominantly like a familiar pop rock record of the 2000s, it renders their music instantly likeable and radio-friendly.

The album carries consistency as well. It’s easy to identify their go-to sonic embellishment – the incorporation of mass-singing in the background – apparent in crowd-pleasing numbers like “She Looks So Perfect”, “Good Girls” and “Everything I Didn’t Do”. Hard-hitting, head-banging and high energy, the electric guitar-driven tracks deviate little from each other. The only exceptions are “Beside You” and “Amnesia”. Like a mid-point dynamic shift, “Beside You” dips in energy, but amplifies in emotion. Closing the album on the softest note is its sole acoustic single, “Amnesia”. Its gentle guitar pluckings and sentimental lyrics of heartbreak bring the record’s narrative of a young love affair from its honeymoon peaks to its bitter end.

While one may frown upon the potentially formulaic, tried and tested nature of 5SOS’s music, their mainstream appeal is undeniable and excels in propelling them to the top of international charts.


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