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You’re Gonna Miss It All – Modern Baseball

by Daniel Chan


Title: You’re Gonna Miss It All 
Artiste: Modern Baseball
Price: S$9.98
No. of tracks: 12 tracks
Rating: 4/5
Available now on iTunes and Spotify

Being one of the less ‘heavy’ bands the on run for cover record label, Modern Baseball still managed to make a name for themselves with their telecaster twang and whiny vocals.

Their first album, Sports, featured light-hearted danceable tunes, which had in-your-face lyrics about adolescent problems. The fact that they could play happy songs that had depressing under-lying meanings drew audiences from across the globe. Naturally, this led to the birth of their second album, You’re Gonna Miss It All.

The album begins with a classic Modern Baseball song. Ranting about ‘worrying about the future’ and all the teenage nonsense that comes after finishing puberty. Songs such as “Fine, Great” and “Apartment” are displays of maturity from their previous album; filled with solemn vocals and soft guitar riffs. However, the most noticeable difference in musical style is the heavy guitars on “Charlie Black”, (maybe their friends from Citizen finally got to them) and following that, a very emotional transition song “Tommy Bowers”, which has never been done by the band before.

Not forgetting to mention their perfectly pitched vocal harmonies in “Rock Bottom and “Your Graduation”, which were amazing additions to the tracks. Half of the album’s songs are however, sluggish, as compared to tracks in Sports, and this might annoy old Modern Baseball fans. However, their blatant and relatable lyrics are still as impactful, and the fact that lead singer Brendan Lukens can go on for verses without taking a single breath is quite impressive.

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