Riding The New Wave Of LSCT’s Internships

by Cally Cheung

Starting February, the trio will be the first to have their internships based in West Indies.
Starting February, the trio will be the first to have their internships based in West Indies.

Veterinary Bioscience students are prepared to bring home something big – from somewhere bigger.

Three second-year Veterinary Bioscience students will embark on the new overseas partnership with Ross University of Veterinary Medicine (RUSVM) in West Indies starting this February.

Displaying a passion for sea turtles, Jayi Lim is one of the three candidates who will be the pioneer batch walking on the shores of St. Kitts.

Jayi, 18, said: “The laying season for the leatherback sea turtles will be during the peak period of the internship, and this will be a great opportunity for me to get up close and observe the entire process.” .

Referring to the campus facilities and the beach located behind the school, she added: “This will be otherwise impossible in Singapore because of the natural elements involved.”

The Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between the schools was first established in October 2013 to define the 15-week internship.

“An important component of RUSVM’s vision for veterinary education and research is the expansion of global collaborations, including Asia,” said RUSVM dean Elaine Watson in an AsiaOne News article. “The internship program with Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) is an exciting initiative, and serves as the catalyst for future opportunities with institutions in Singapore and beyond.”

While the beach equally excites her counterparts, they are focused on the prospect of meeting animals rare in Singapore. “I’ve always been interested in equines, and I know St. Kitts houses a different group of animals,” said Agnes Ng. “It is generally hard to make these kind of arrangements here, so I am really looking forward to interacting with horses and other larger animals on-site.”

The preceding course trips include Liverpool and Glasgow, but this internship will advance the students’ international leverage when combining a wider range of animals to the new skillsets.

The students will fulfill one of their core modules in their training plans. The exchange will invigorate the students to explore their passion in this sector and bring home insights to share with their peers.

One of the highlights includes a site-based study focusing on subjects such as marine conservation and veterinary epidemiology, which will additionally branch out to the One Health Initiative’s collection of professional resources.

Gin Ng, the last of the trio, views the trip as the start of something bigger than an internship. “St. Kitts could be the place to bring back a whole new set of knowledge taught by ourselves. As my interest lies in neurology dealing with epilepsy and parasites, hopefully I’ll be able to learn more about the diseases in a bigger scope and bring home something equally big.”

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