MagiCal Moments From The Past

by Doretta Tan

Laughter fills the air as the alumni mingle around with their peers, catching up over a hearty dinner. Even at the end of the programmes, the memory-making sessions doesn't stop!
Laughter fills the air as the alumni mingle around with their peers, catching up over a hearty dinner.

Mass Communication graduates reminisced about their days back in school at MCM 25.

The School of Film & Media Studies (FMS) celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Mass Communication (MCM) diploma, invoked a sense of nostalgia among the alumni.

More than 500 graduates and staff of FMS gathered at Level 1 of FMS on Nov 28 to talk about old times and present challenges.

The MCM alumni made up the bulk of those present at the “Harry Potter” themed event, feasting on a sumptuous buffet dinner, taking countless memorable photos, and catching up with their former classmates and lecturers.

“It’s good to catch up with old friends and meet lecturers to see if they remember my name,” Mr Yusuf Abdol Hamid, from the class of 2005, said.

“We got to know each other here, so we’re both very happy to come back and do the whole ‘walk down memory lane’ thing,” said Mr Marco Wong and Ms Jean Tan, both from the class of 2002.

Mr Lionel Koh and Madam Lisa Tan, one of MCM’s oldest couples from the class of 1997, also returned to see old friends and lecturers, adding that they wished to “be in the spirit” of MCM again.

Whilst socialising with their peers and ex-lecturers, it is inevitable that various kinds of old but fond memories were stirred up among the MCM alumni that night.

Ms Charmaine Choo, graduate of 2009, remembered the time she would “run up the hill to submit an assignment at 5pm”, and how she and her friends would camp out at the digital audio workstations for their radio projects.

Some of them even admitted to being rebels back during the time they were in school, such as ex-student Mr Kevin Tan, 30, who described nostalgia as “walking to King Albert Park in the middle of lecture and getting McDonald’s,” after being asked about what he missed most from his school days.

The older alumni also marveled at the huge upgrades and changes that were implemented to the course’s facilities since their graduation.

Alumnus of 2000 Darren Lai said: “FMS used to be down the slope, and our classrooms were mainly around Block 23.”

Mr Koh also explained how older MCM students used to do manual audio splicing for their radio projects, as compared to how everything is digital today.

The MCM alumni are grateful for these new developments and the grand transformation of both MCM and FMS.

“The infrastructure was ancient back then,” Mr Hamid said. “It’s good that it has improved along with its facilities, as the software and hardware all look much better now.”

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