LSCT Inaugural CCA Event Draws New Students

By Melanie Heng

A smiley group shot from the Hort Club at the LSCT CCA Orientation. Photo Credits: Eugene Loo
A smiley group shot from the Hort Club at the LSCT CCA Orientation. Photo Credits: Eugene Loo

The School of Life Sciences & Chemical Technology (LSCT) gave new students a one-stop overview of all its related co-curricular activities (CCA) at its very first CCA event held on Apr 28

The event featured LSCT groups such as the Society of Animal Rangers (SOAR) and the LSCT Society. Bringing all the LSCT groups together at one main location helped the school’s first year students to find out more.

“These are all LSCT groups (and) not full-fledged CCAs, so (there is) no place in the main CCA Fiesta (for them),” says Dr Koh Tse Yuen, Deputy Director of Student Development in LSCT, and also the organiser of the event. “Traditionally, interest groups recruit by going into lectures. But we have a lot of interest groups and courses now, so (it is) hard to do that,” Dr Koh adds.

Eugene Loo, president of the LSCT Society, agrees with Dr Koh, and says that his CCA’s way of advertising in the past was via social media, as well as by “crashing lectures” to show videos and allow the first-year students to know about the CCAs. Attracting 150 sign-ups last year, its members made use of platforms such as Whatsapp to further publicise the CCA this time round.

Most of the student leaders manning the CCA booths feel that the event is a successful one. Dahlia Sapari, secretary of SOAR, says that the goals of the event have been met, as it was “one big place to do promotion”. “Class by class promotion was so troublesome and disruptive,” Dahlia adds.

Ivy Yeo, president of Horticulture Club, however, feels that the event could be further improved as the noon to 5pm timeslot falls in between lunchtime and lessons. “Most people would either go for CCA or go home after class and won’t drop by,” says Ivy.

Most students found out about it through word-of-mouth, and were there to support their seniors. Nur Farizah, a first year Biomedical Science student who signed up for LSCT Society and LSCT Operatives, says that the event is “beneficial” for people interested in the CCAs.

Dr Koh hopes to organise a similar event for LSCT students next year as it “gives the groups more publicity”.

Most of the CCAs will be extending their sign-up window period, following the good response from the first-year students.

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