Skating competition at NP draws rookies

By Rachel Toh

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Photo Credits: Rachel Toh

The Rookie Freestyle Skating Competition (RFSC) was well received this year, with more than 70 participants turning up at Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s (NP) Kismis Court for the event

RFSC started in 2008 and “the idea behind this has been to encourage new inexperienced skaters to try out in the competitive scene,” said Terence Cheung, 25, organiser of RFSC. Skaters as young as seven years old geared up in their elbow and knee guards took part in the competition held on May 2.

RSFC consists of three categories – Speed Slalom, Freestyle Classic Slalom, and Freestyle Slide. Terence explained that Speed Slalom is how fast participants can slalom through 20 cones and are disqualified if more than four cones are knocked over. Freestyle Slalom is a routine executed to the synchronization of music and participants are judged on technique and style. Freestyle slide is judged based on the distance and difficulty of the slide performed.

“I joined for the experience and to have fun,” said Vincent Sim, a final-year Electrical Engineering student in the Speed Slalom category. “I expected my performance to be better, but I had fun. More fun than being nervous.”

Former NP Inline Skating President Samuel Kor also participated in the Speed Slalom category and came in fifth. He won third position in the Freestyle Slide last year. He said that anyone who had been placed in the top three positions in any category was not allowed to participate in that category for the next two years.

Terence said, “This is tied to our purpose, reassuring new skaters to not feel intimidated and demoralized – if it’s always the same few winning.”

The audience consisted of people who barely knew anything about the sport, but who wanted to show their support for their friends and children. Mdm Ong Ee Leng, a mother of two Speed Slalom participants aged eight and 11, said, “Everything is nicely organised; my kids aren’t intimidated. The environment is safe, and they have guards so I’m not too worried about them injuring themselves.”

Skaters can look forward to the Singapore National Freestyle Skating Championship that will be happening this coming September.


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