Radio Heatwave Jock Makes His Debut on 987FM

by Megan Elisabeth Tan

Photo by Megan Elisabeth Tan
Photo by Megan Elisabeth Tan

Mass Communication student Joseph Soh is the new 987FM Star

Joseph Soh, 17, is not your average “Joe” since he came out top at the annual DJ competition, 987 Star.

987 Star searches for the “next voice and face” of the radio station. This year’s 987 Star auditions drew more contestants thanks to its collaboration with Shine Festival.

The second-year Mass Communication student made his debut in October, and is currently one of the youngest radio presenters on national radio. Joseph’s weekend show, Say It With Music, goes on air every Saturday from 6 to 10pm.

“Weekend shows tend to be a bit more chill, but I think I can offer my listeners a different kind of energy. It’s my kind of energy – hyper and happy,” said Joseph.

Students like Joseph who have clinched significant stints in the media industry are not a surprise for the Director of the School of Film & Media Studies, Ms Anita Kuan. Nonetheless, she said that such achievements are a huge encouragement “not just to the school but to his classmates as well”.

Behind all his witty remarks on air, Joseph admitted that finding his footing in the industry was the result of sheer perseverance.

“I was rejected from 987 Radio Star (last year),” he said.

Recalling his experience in 2014, the usually extroverted and jovial personality confessed that he was entirely wrecked by nerves during the audition.

While habouring a desire to improve his skills, Joseph took a more relaxed approach when he auditioned for 987 Star this year.

“I kept telling myself to ‘just be you’,” he said.

That mindset allowed him more space to reveal his personality not only to the judges of the competition, but his listeners as well. Joseph added that his peers on campus have been a great source of support.

“(Joseph) is always laughing and smiling. When he gets excited, it’s like an explosion of contagious happiness,” said Travis Ling, 18, a Mass Communication student. Travis added that the pun-loving giant’s enthusiastic and jubilant spirit is further amplified on air.

Joseph spends his time sitting in to observe and learn from the full-time DJs at 987FM as part of this apprenticeship journey.

“After all, it is a professional environment. There is a lot more intentionality in what they do (at 987FM) as compared to Radio Heatwave,” explained Joseph, who is also a radio DJ on Radio Heatwave.

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