New Revolving Age Honours Singapore in Annual Dance Show

by Muhammad Aniq Bin Abdul Kahar

Danzation 2 Danzation
Photo by Ngee Ann Polytechnic Photography Club

Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s Danzation celebrates harmony and ethnic culture in this year’s production revolving around the theme of SG50

Once again, Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s New Revolving Age (NRA) charmed the audience with its mix of elegant, sharp and edgy dance moves in this year’s Danzation. With SG50 being the main theme for the year, it’s no surprise that it was called “Red.

Many aspects of Singapore were displayed in creative ways throughout the production, such as the different ethnic groups living together harmoniously, the different traditional ethnic attires which were given a modern twist and the everyday “kiasu” life of a Singaporean. All these were presented and expressed in dance, along with a few skits.

The story took a dark turn, depicting what would happen if Singapore should fall into the hands of bad leadership. The dance depicted three tribes in constant conflict that eventually ended in massive bloodshed.

Danzation, an annual production, is now a biennial production. Ryan Wein Lee, 19, president of NRA, said that there was no particular reason for the change.

The Arts Business Management student added: “In recent years, Danzation and NRA have been successful in developing a core audience base among the dancer crowd. By having this base, there is in fact more potential and opportunity for audience development across wide sections.”

According to Ryan, this year’s Singapore-centric Danzation attracted a good turnout and ticket sales. He said “This is greatly due to the increased efforts of our marketing team and marketing campaigns via online platforms and physical NP outreach initiatives.”.

However, it was no easy feat for the marketing committee to have achieved this, having to balance responsibilities in the committee and commitments as a dancer. “Sometimes our marketing strategies in action, such as the school outreach programmes or the external dance workshops, would clash with our own dance practices. We needed to take initiative to catch up on new steps by the next practice in order to not lag behind,” said Zoey Lee, 18, a member of the marketing committee.

As with every Danzation, the price of success is the blood, sweat and tears of everyone involved. Dancers and committee members put in countless hours of practice and hard work leading up to the production, often pushing themselves to the limit in the process. “Because NRA is a very big club and Danzation involves many dancers, communication and decision-making are key and we always remind ourselves of this point,” said Ryan.

“I think the difficulty was to ensure excellent communication concurrently in the midst of Danzation preparations, dance rehearsals and committee duties, and not to forget schooling schedules and school work.”

Said Ryan: “We give our best and commit wholeheartedly to the artistic vision and creative process that we set for each and every Danzation.” explained Ryan.

Kevin Chan, 20, agreed with this, saying: “I’ve been to all Danzations for the past three years and the standard of the production has been nothing short of amazing every single time.”

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