“Watching” with Brand New Ears

By Audrey Leong


Dialogue in the Dark returns to give audiences a musical experience with brand new acts performing for Concert in the Dark 2016

On Aug 13, Concert in the Dark (CITD) will plunge audiences into total darkness for two hours during performances by young Singaporean talents such as Disco Hue and Nathan Hartono.

“We wanted to focus on the growing music scene in Singapore, especially amongst youths,” says Ms Lai Sing Yee, 26, a planning and operations executive at Dialogue in the Dark (DID). “It’s been a really exciting journey to finally see everything come together.”

Held in the Star Gallery at The Star Vista for the first time, CITD will see its largest crowd yet after selling out the 600-seat concert hall. Audience members will be able to sit in on this unique experience and concentrate solely on the music, without the flashing banners and lights commonly associated with concerts.

The event has gained popularity amongst locals and foreigners who have either been to DID or CITD in previous years.

“For those who have come to Dialogue in the Dark, they would know about the upcoming concert – and they’re really excited,” says Lai. “However we are still trying to get our message farther out, to those who have no idea at all.”

A portion of the money raised from ticket sales and merchandise will go towards paying the salaries of the visually impaired tour guides working at DID.

In its fifth year running, CITD will not only feature home grown artists but also visually impaired members of the DID team during the concert.

“We strongly believe that our colleagues who are visually impaired can do great things,” says Lai. “It’s just that we need to find another way for them to showcase their talents. CITD is one of them.”

Last year’s CITD, held in Ngee Ann Polytechnic, saw over 400 attendees at the public conference and concert that followed, singing along in English, Mandarin, Tamil, Hokkien and the Taiwanese aboriginal language.

Lai hopes that this year’s concert will continue to promote social acceptance of the visually handicapped and encourage people to hear music in its true form.


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Concert Details

Date: 13 August 2016, Saturday

Time: 7pm (please arrive by 6:30pm)

The Star Gallery
1 Vista Exchange Green, #04-01
Singapore 138617

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