Same Faces, Different Pursuits

Oct 17 heralded in the beginning of the new school term, and npTribune set out to discover how our current students’ ambitions, motivations and expectations have changed over the course of the year.


untitledRohit Bhojwani

Banking & Financial Services

School of Business & Accountancy, Year 2

How have your motivations and expectations changed from the last semester?

I am more motivated this semester, and as the semesters have gone by, it has gotten more difficult. I feel that if I work harder, and am more motivated, I will be able to further improve my results and do even better. With the help of my classmates, I think I will be able to do well this semester.

Now that you are back in school after a two-month break, is there anything you are looking forward to eating?

I’m looking forward to having the Kaki Fuyong from Makan Place. It’s the bomb.


untitled2Christine & Jasmine

Clean Energy Management

School of Engineering, Year 1

Now that the both of you are starting the second semester of your first year at NP, what do you hope to achieve this semester?

Christine: I hope to achieve a 3.8 GPA. I just want to do better and be able to get into a good university.

What do you and your friends do during the first week of a new semester?

Jasmine: During the first week of school, we usually go out for dinners to hang out and catch up with one another.


untitled3Melvin See

International Logistics & Supply Chain Management

School of Business & Accountancy, Year 3

You are back for the second half of your third year here at NP. What are the best moments you have experienced in your third year so far?

I think I would be the take aways from internship. During internship, you are exposed to external companies, learn to be more professional and get to do things that you do not usually get to do in school. Other than that, I am also excited for Red Camp, where we get to introduce the school and courses to secondary school students. It allows them to understand their options better and make their choices more wisely.

Considering that it is your final semester in NP, is there anything in particular you would like to experience before you leave?

Actually, I have never been to Dialogue in the Dark. I would like to visit Dialogue in the Dark before I graduate, and I heard that it is actually free-of-charge for NP students.



Gayle Lin

Mass Communications

School of Film & Media Studies, Year 3

How have your motivations changed this semester as compared to last semester?

Last semester was my internship, so it was very different from school. Motivation wise, it was more of trying to please my supervisors and get my work done. For this semester, however, it is more of how I want to fare and how well I am going to contribute to my group during group work.

How do you feel that this is your last semester in NP? 

It is bittersweet, in a way. I definitely cannot wait to get out of here, but these three years have also been the best years of my life. It has been very fun and really different from anything I have done before.

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