FATS for a Healthier Diet

By Dania Amiril

New food outlet at Ourspace, FATS, serves an array of food like ice cream, smoothies and healthy sandwiches

FATS was launched on Nov 28, 2016, by three Biomedical students – Genevieve Lee, Gregory Sin and Jordan Chan. The store features food like Almond Butter Blueberry toast, Portobello Avocado Mushroom sandwich and Chicken Pesto sandwich for under $5. Genevieve Lee, 19, founder of FATS, said that all her food are sourced and then made from scratch in the kitchen because she believes in good quality food at reasonable prices. To ensure quality food, she sources for the freshest ingredients, such as getting artisanal bread from renowned bakeries for the sandwiches and buying fresh ingredients that are prepared daily.

Genevieve also believes in healthy eating. To her, it is important to not only eat greens but a rainbow of colours, which will help to boost vitamins. These colours can be seen in her black sesame and blueberries in her sweet toasts.

Mavis Tan, 19, who patronises FATS, said: “I like the concept of the shop for changing the stereotype for people that eating healthy is not just about having greens or salads.”

Her shop not only makes sandwiches but also sorbet and smoothies, amongst other things. Zerick Poon, 19, said: “[The] Pink Twist smoothie is very filling even though it is just a drink. It is very unconventional but tasty. I think that this is their selling point and I will definitely try other dishes from their menu.”

The name “FATS” was inspired by Genevieve’s brother who nicknamed her “fats” for being plump when they were younger. The teasing inspired her to cook healthier dishes for herself, which sparked her love for cooking.

Despite having setbacks like having a hard time dealing with suppliers and running out of stock, she aims to improve the service to match the quality of her food. She hopes to offer catering services and to set up cafes beyond Ngee Ann Polytechnic once her business improves.

The store is open from Mondays to Fridays 10am – 6pm.

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