Early Admissions Exercise for April 2018 Intake

Early Admissions Exercise
The Early Admissions Exercise allows prospective students to enter polytechnics based on their aptitudes rather than just grades alone | Photo Courtesy of Ngee Ann Polytechnic

The application period for the Early Admissions Exercise (EAE) for the April 2018 intake of Institute of Technical Education students started on Jun 8 and ends today, while the application period for O-level students will be from Jun 22 to Jun 28. Ngee Ann Polytechnic is one such participating polytechnic.

Since being rolled out in 2016, EAE combines two older programmes, Joint Polytechnic Special Admissions Exercise and Direct Polytechnic Admissions (DPA), for a more streamlined system. In Ngee Ann Polytechnic, the school judges prospective students based on their interest and aptitude for the courses of their choice.

Unlike DPA, EAE does away with the pre-semester programme for new students, and instead matriculates them with the students entering via the Joint Admissions Exercise.

Hazirah Binte Alam, 16, a first-year student in the school of Film & Media studies, entered her course through EAE last year. She says: “I was really sure that my O-level results wouldn’t guarantee a spot.”

She also feels that there is “nothing to lose” in applying for desired polytechnic courses through EAE, as she “came in like a normal [first-year student]”.

Ngee Ann Polytechnic is also holding several talks regarding EAE, as well as career counselling, in order to aid prospective students in selecting suitable courses. The talks are on Jun 22, Jun 23 and Jun 27. More information can be found at

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