Bouquets From The Heart

Graduation season saw unconventional bouquets sprouting from LSCT students’ creativity.


Novelty bouquets graced the Life Sciences and Chemical Technology (LSCT) graduation ceremony this year which showcased students’ creativity with cheaper alternatives to the classic graduation bouquet.

The basic graduation bouquets containing a range of fresh roses, hydrangeas, baby breaths and sunflowers, topped with a teddy bear plushie with a quaint graduation hat are lovely and convenient gifts to new grads; but they come at an extremely hefty price. On, the simplest bouquet cost at least $60 while most cost around a whopping $80. Even for other florists such as, a small bouquet will set you back at least $45.

Hence, youths today are coming up with affordable and more creative graduation gifts.

Here are some of the most interesting novelty bouquets found at the LSCT graduation 2019 to celebrate the past three years of learning, hard work and camaraderie.

Go Green!

The bouquet of vegetable was the highlight of Ms Tan’s many group photos. | Photo by Eugene Koh

An upgrade from the classic, single head of broccoli, friends of graduate Ms Tan Shi Min, 20, took it a step further to arrange a whole garden of greens for the graduating student. Sam Lee, 18, one of Ms Tan’s friends involved in creating the masterpiece, said: “This bouquet took us three hours to make, from getting the materials to arranging it. It represents the love from all of us.”

He added that the idea of the vegetable bouquet came as Ms Tan is a vegetarian. Ms Tan said that she is looking forward to transforming the bouquet into a hearty plate of stir-fried vegetables.

Mint Condition!

Ms Hoh’s potted mint plant was not only adorable but also freshened the surrounding area with the subtle scent of aromatic mint. | Photo by Claudia Yap

Instead of a collection of colourful flowers, friends of Ms Hoh Ching Hwee, 20, gifted her a potted mint plant. According to her friends, the gift is meant to be a wordplay on the word “mean”; that Ms Hoh meant (mint) a lot to her friends.

Donning her graduation gown and a wide smile, Ms Hoh said that she is elated to receive the potted mint plant as “conventional flowers would wilt and die” and she would be able to keep this memory for a longer time.

Sweet Treats!

Mr Tan posed with the candy bouquet and was carried by his course mates like a bride in groom’s arms. | Photo by Eugene Koh

Holding the bouquet of sweet treats, Lucas Tan, 20, said: “I like this more than flowers, I think it is a lot more practical as I can eat the candy but not flowers.” Mr Tan, speaking on behalf of his friend, said that a lot of thought went into the bouquet as Mr Tan has always had a sweet tooth.

Dream Memes!

Ms Yup was eager to show off the meme bouquet to her other friends. | Photo by Claudia Yap

Ms Jane Yup, 20, showed off a collection of classical art memes from her friends who knew how much these memes tickled her. She added that she found this non-conventional bouquet very thoughtful and interesting as it adds a sense of personal touch and really shows “how much your friends know you”.

Bubble Bonanza!

The bubble tea bouquet was so heavy it had to be held with both arms. There was also another cup of bubble tea at home. | Photo by Eugene Koh

Describing it as “essential sustenance of her [sister’s] polytechnic life”, Ms Lim Wen Qi, 22, sister of an LSCT graduate said that this bouquet represents her sister’s love for bubble tea and that it was this drink that got her through her three years in NP.

 Ms Lim said: “ There was one time, [my sister] drank seven cups of bubble tea within a week; and therefore I got her seven bubble tea drinks, each from a different bubble tea outlet.”

With such displays of creativity blooming, it is exciting to see what other creations we can expect for next year’s graduation.

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