Special Screening of Trailer Boys

Print Journalism students had an enlightening Q&A with Mr Yusri ‘Shaggy’ Sapari, director of Trailer Boys. | Photo by Isagail Carshuen


On Jun 10, final-year Mass Communication students were treated to a special screening of a Singapore-made short documentary, Trailer Boys

Trailer Boys centres around a little-known group of truckers, the people who deliver goods to supermarkets and convenience stores across the island. The film follows the journey of Muhammad Irfan Rafieh, a key member of a community of local truckers known as Abam2 Trailer Singapura. It also explores the lives of these young truck drivers that we hardly take notice of every day.

During the Q&A session with director Yusri ‘Shaggy’ Sapari,  he gave the students key insights into not only the movie but also his experience as a Singaporean filmmaker.

The documentary made its debut in 2018 during the Freedom Film Festival and has been nominated for the National Youth Film Awards which will announce the results in August.

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