Students get a say… and free bubble tea too


Students flocking to the feedback booth outside Makan Place to express their views and concerns through a survey. | Photo by: Haymun Win

As part of its nationwide outreach programme, REACH, (Reaching everyone for active citizenry @ home), set up a listening point in Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP) on Oct 23, offering up free bubble tea in exchange for doing a survey.

REACH, or Reaching Everyone for Active Citizenry @ Home, uses listening points, which are essentially mobile feedback booths, to engage citizens from the Central Business District (CBD) to the heartlands from a wide range of audiences. They have found that tertiary institutions are the best place to reach out to youths.

The purpose of listening points is to collect feedback from a wide range of Singaporeans on government policies and current topics, such as climate change and the protests in Hong Kong. This feedback will be compiled into reports that may be a factor in government decision-making and could eventually aid in policy-making.

REACH has found that the best way to attract people to participate in the surveys is to give out tokens of appreciation. “For schools, we find that bubble tea, Yole, Boost [are the most attractive] …We try to switch up our collateral to keep up with the trends,” says Ms Jasveen Kaur, 24, assistant manager of REACH.

While this is their first time in NP, it will not be the last. Students will definitely get more chances to let their opinions be heard.

Every participant will be able to redeem a Three Gems drink from Each a Cup at the library. | Photo by: Haymun Win

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