RRILEY visits Radio Heatwave


Sandra Riley “RRILEY” Tang’s reaction to being referred to as Ms. Tang. PHOTO BY SOFIA  RAFIQUE

In an interview with Radio Heatwave on Oct 7, singer-songwriter Sandra Riley “Rriley” Tang talked about things ranging from her new single to her weird talents.

The Sam Willows member went into detail about her current hair colour, the love she has for her pets, as well as even her thoughts on the currently trending social media app TikTok.

Regarding her brand new single “mmm bye”, written during her time in Los Angeles about the ongoing drama at the time, the details of which she did not dive deep into, though she humorously added: “Instead of having to respond to the drama, I could just send them this song.”

Fans were treated to Ms Tang’s live performance of “mmm bye” to close out the day .

The full interview can be found on Radio Heatwave’s Soundcloud here:

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