Malay Cultural Club Celebrates 20 Years of Bonding


After a three-year break for Dinamis, the club revives the production just in time to celebrate their 20th anniversary. Photo: Ahmad Omar

The revival of the sixth edition of Dinamis has strengthened bonds in the Malay Cultural Club (MCC) at Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s annual Art Fiesta.

In conjunction with their 20th anniversary, the MCC staged their 120-minute production at the Music Box on Dec 1. Titled Dinamis VI: Kota Kalis Peluru, the production aimed to portray the strong bonds forged between the five departments of the club.

The president of the MCC, Nur Syafiqah, 19, said: “The opportunity of performing together is very rare and it brings all of us together. This is our biggest production and is usually what we look forward to most.”

Mohammad Shafiq, 21,  a member of the cast, said: “It means a lot to me because it’s not often you see the Malay community work together in a production. These moments really help us to create bonds with each other.”

Through the production, the members wanted to show their appreciation to their alumni as well. “Without our seniors, we wouldn’t be able to acquire the skills of acting, singing and dancing. This production is to celebrate their hard work,” he added.

Some alumni even returned to help out with Dinamis as a means to give back to the club. “The MCC is not just about current members, but members who will always be welcomed,” said Nur Fahmidah, 21, current member and main cast member of Dinamis.

Dinamis revolves around five youths who collaborate to save an island. Photo: Terese Lim

Dinamis VI is the story of five youths working together to save Pulau Kalis Peluru, a nearby island. Together with the locals, they help to transform the island into a city and improve it for future generations.

The production manager of Dinamis, Nur Riahan, 19, said: “The story shows the differences in eras. The advanced technologies of the future versus the villages from the past shows how we have progressed over the years.”

Preparations for Dinamis took three months, involving more than 50 students from the club’s five different cultural groups – Satria Suka and Adiratna, the male and female dikir barat group; Sri Nadi, the theatre group; Itra Tari, the dance group; and Cendekiawan, the debate group.

Fahmidah, who is in the theatre group, said: “Dinamis is unlike other productions because it involves different departments from various backgrounds working together.”

Basri’s role portrays the villain who reveals his complicated character through captivating song and dance. Photo: Terese Lim

She added that the club’s 20th anniversary “sums up what the MCC is all about”. “It doesn’t matter which department you’re from, but how everyone comes together to showcase their interests and celebrate this achievement as one,” she said.

The sets and props were all made from scratch by the students, while the script, choreography and songs were created by external professional instructors.

Third-time choreographer for Dinamis, Mr Norisham Osman, 34, said that most of the students started off as first-time performers. “These students were willing to take up the challenge. They put their heart and soul into the production and their determination is undeniable.”

Tickets sold out a week before the actual performance and more than 300 people watched the production.

The Malay Cultural Club runs the entire production with current members and alumni. Photo: Ahmad Omar

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