DE Day 2019 a rousing success despite delay

DE Green Collective students giving away sustainable items whilst testing students on their knowledge of global climate change. PHOTO BY ISABELLE MONTEIRO


For the first time in 12 years, the School of Design and Environment’s (DE) annual DE Day was re-planned and pushed from 2019 to 2020 due to initially low sign up rates. Despite the delay, 250 students and teachers participated in the event at the DE Gallery on Jan 17.

DE Day is a bonding event between students and faculty. Every year, the planning committee from DE society brings an experience that is educational, unusual and fun.

“We initially planned for an amazing race event at Sentosa but, sadly due to the low sign-up rates, we had to scrap it and start planning from scratch,” said Serene Lim, head of the planning committee and year two Hotel & Leisure Facilities and Management student.

With slightly more than a month to prepare. DE Society and DE Green Group managed to attain sponsors, external vendors to pull off an eventful DE Day celebration with the theme being ‘Sustainability’, a shift from last year’s theme which was ‘DE Inspire YOU’. From learning about thrift shopping and getting a personalised poem written about you, to designing your very own sustainable tote bag, DE Day had more to offer than just food and games.

“At first we just came here for the free food but we’ve been here for three hours. There are different games and they teach us more about sustainability and how to be eco-friendly. We can even be creative and design tote bags,” said Carmen Loh, a Year 2 Hotel & Leisure Facilities and Management student.

Various eco-friendly booths were also set up, such as the thrift-shopping booth which educated people on the sustainable and ethical benefits of recycling clothes. Information about the recent Australia forest fires and climate change was also available at one of the DE Green Group booth, which gave away sustainable cutlery as a gift to students who played their games.

Thrifted items on display for students to learn more about the ethical benefits of re-wearing clothes.
Thrifted items on display for students to learn more about the ethical benefits of re-wearing clothes. PHOTO BY ISABELLE MONTEIRO

“I’ve been to previous DE Days’ and I feel that this year it’s a lot different…it’s a struggle to educate people on sustainability and climate change in a new and innovative way. But surprisingly, although we only expected roughly 150 participants, I think about double the amount actually attended,” said final-year Real Estate Business student and Green Group president Darryl Lee.

One of the more popular activities was the Slapjack booth run by external initiative The Inside Space, where participants could get a poem written about them. The poems followed the theme of connecting one’s self to the world around them, drawing relation between a person and the environment.

With the success of this year’s DE Day, Mr Terence Loo, Deputy Course Chair of the diploma in Hotel & Leisure Facilities, says that he hopes to see something more exciting the next time round. “The students are given this opportunity to shine and do what they want to do. I hope next year it will be successfully held outside Ngee Ann Polytechnic, but it’s getting harder to engage students and meet their expectations every year,” says Mr Loo.

Various challenging and fun games for students to win attractive and ethical prizes.
Various challenging and fun games for students to win attractive and ethical prizes. PHOTO BY ISABELLE MONTEIRO

The DE society planning committee is aiming to execute their previously planned Amazing Race event at Sentosa at the end of this year. Hopefully, with more publicity efforts and higher signup rates, DE students can look forward to splashing around at Sentosa Beach with teachers and friends.

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