Breakdancing Competition in NP Draws International Participants

B-boy Dejan Majerie from Germany hitting a freeze on the beat. His crew, MGS, won the 3-versus-3 category | Joshua Jerome Tan for Mighty Nomads

Gimme A Break 5th Anniversary Edition, a breakdancing competition organised by Mighty Nomads, a B-boy co-curricular activity (CCA) in Ngee Ann Polytechnic (NP), drew participants from countries such as Germany, Indonesia and Malaysia.

The competition, which was held on Dec 3, 2016, at NP, had two main categories – the 3-versus-3 and the 1-versus-1. Held from 1pm to 9pm, it was judged by established B-boys Gerald Chan, Sufian Flurry and Mahmud.

There were 32 people who participated in the solo category and 25 teams of three in the 3-versus-3 category. After an intense fight, B-boy crew MGS, consisting of Tomi Činej from Slovenia, Firdaus Sora from Malaysia and Dejan Majerie from Germany, won the 3-versus-3 category. Singaporean Shane Abooga Tay was crowned champion in the solo category.

Despite having grown to such heights, Mighty Nomads had its humble beginnings. When the club was first established in 2011, it consisted of 80 members, and everyone who auditioned had the chance to join the club. As a new CCA, they did not have a dance studio to practise in and had no external instructor. The students were in charge of everything from teaching to dancing to organising.

The president of the club, Nur Farzana, 20, tells npTribune: “We were in our own bubble, not knowing anyone in the scene and unable to establish ourselves.”

The club started gaining recognition when their annual breakdancing competition, Gimme a Break, started in 2012 and drew B-boys from different schools and countries. Mighty Nomads also hired three professional B-boy instructors – Sean Shagaran, Gerald Chan and Sherman Lim from the crew Checkered Minds – to help to improve the members’ footwork and dancing. The club now has a dance studio for their weekly practices.

The final-year Nursing student says: “It’s really amazing how far this small community has grown and how we have expanded our reputation over the years. I can’t wait to see how (Mighty) Nomads will progress in time to come.” – CONSTANCE GOH

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