Hunters and the Hunted

code red 1 code red 2 code red 3
Participants had to decode the message on the leaves with the help of their group members from another Mirror Room. | Photo by Sarah Ang

Mixing clues, spies and everything not nice, Stage 52 puts up an event with a theme unlike others before

By Sarah Ang

Combining the concepts of escape rooms and fairy tales, the junior members of Stage 52 who organised Code Red used plenty of twists and puzzles to keep the participants on their toes.

The event, held on Apr 28, aimed at introducing Stage 52 to the freshmen of the School of Film & Media Studies (FMS) and encouraging them to bond. Priscilla Kan, 18, head of Code Red said: “It occurred to us that escape rooms actually require a lot of teamwork and communication, and what better way to bring everyone together?”

The entire storyline with twisted fairy tales revolved around Red Riding Hood, along with other fairytale characters who acted as spies. Each of the four main game rooms was decorated distinctively and had a different challenge for the participants which they had to deal with to be able to escape.

Stage 52’s president, Kishore Kumar, 19, said that team members had a clear vision of what they wanted to achieve which made planning and execution a smooth process.

“It was very engaging and was well-planned,” said Cheyenne Lim, 17, who went with a group of friends.

Another participant, Seth Hoo, 17, said that his favourite part was the “Room of Mirrors” where his group was separated and could only communicate through a video call in order to exchange clues and solve the challenge.

Holding rooms were set up for the participants which featured henna stations, game tables and a merchandise booth for SKWEAR, one of the event sponsors, while they waited for their turn and for the final lucky draw session.

With the event over, the team behind Code Red were content that the event was a smooth success. “I’m feeling really nostalgic actually. It was definitely an experience I won’t forget,” said Nurul Iman Sukhaimi, 18, who was one of the game masters.

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