Dancing for Fun for 10 years… and beyond

Kelvin can be seen wearing an orange tee and a black bandana around his neck with his Dance for Fun (DFF) teammates. | Photo by Kelvin Chow

The annual dance competition for freshies has created significant milestones for some alumni in Ngee Ann Polytechnic.


For the past 10 years, Ngee Ann Polytechnic’s (NP) annual competition Dance for Fun (DFF) was a way for freshmen to bond with their new schoolmates. For two alumni, the encounter with dance blossomed into something more.

With friends he met from the NP Student Union’s Freshmen Orientation Camp, Kelvin Chow decided to step out of his comfort zone and joined the dance team to represent the School of Infocom Technology in DFF. It marked Kelvin’s first step into dance and a competition.

“It’s a bit different from how you will learn dance outside…because you’re starting

out and everyone has [their] own interest. For DFF, someone will choreograph for you and you will have your new poly friends, so it’s a different experience,” Kelvin said.

DFF, which started in 2009, is held in NP at the start of every academic year for students to bond with their new schoolmates through dance. This year’s competition was held on Apr 18 and the champion was the School of Health Sciences.

After DFF, Kelvin joined Next Revolving Age (NRA), a hip-hop club in NP, and started dance training religiously. He started taking part in inter-school competitions such as Super24 and later in national dance competitions such as Singapore Dance Delight Volume 4.

Kelvin and his team, All Out Crew (AOC), were placed sixth place in the finals.

Now 25, Kelvin is a freelance dance instructor at EV Dance. He also coaches students through enrichment programmes and is preparing them for the upcoming Singapore Youth Festival (SYF). Some schools he has taught at are Changkat Changi, Loyang View and Regent secondary school.

Kelvin, who plans to continue teaching students, says: “When I teach and see [my students] grow and improve, it gives me a different feeling compared to dancing alone.”

Benjamin Zhong, 30, also known as Benzo, says: “I didn’t expect [DFF] to be such a big scale. I thought it was just a small competition for each division to come join and have fun.” Benjamin graduated with a Diploma in Mechanical Engineering in 2011.

Benjamin was tasked with coordinating the first DFF part of the committee in NRA, together with Mr Thomas Tan.the participants hyped up as it was the first time new students had heard of the event. However, the response that Benjamin received was more positive than expected.

He added that there were “a lot of spontaneous people” who did not know how to dance, but were interested in being a part of DFF.

“Most of them after DFF, actually fell in love with dance and from then on went to try to audition for NRA,” says Benjamin. Kelvin regularly comes back to NP as a member of NRA to share his experience with current students, including the new batch of students in NRA.

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